Please note the following criteria:

  • At least one applicant must be a US citizen.

  • Must not be pregnant, or pursuing infertility treatments simultaneously with your adoption.

  • Must be using an established adoption agency based in the US.

  • Applicants must be associated with a licensed adoption professional (agency or lawyer).

  • Applicant must have an outstanding balance with the adoption professional at the time the grant is awarded.

  • Please explain in detail surrounding the curcumstance in your submission letter If the adoption has been finalized, or the child has been placed in your home prior to being awarded the grant



Receive Assistance

Create A Family accepts applications from couples  regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

A Panel  of  your Peirs will review each  Application sumbission to determine who will be selected  as a grant award recipeant. 

the Grant award will be sent Directly to the adoption professional within 4 weeks of the last fundraising event.

Create A Family Adoption Charity reserves the right to contact applicants by phone or email to clarify any information provided to ensure eligibility

How to Apply

it's as easy as.....

  1. Submit a personal letter detailing why you should be considered for the grant. Please include Applicants Names, Ages, Current Contact Information including Email. 

  2. Provide all contact information for the licensed adoption professional you are associated with.

  3. Mail all information to:                    

Create A Family

                  c/o Kara Covington                 

PO. Box 1358 

Riverton, Utah 84065