We are John and Kara Covington!  In the spring of 2006, closing in on our 1 year anniversary we decided to start our family. We took the first year in stride, not overly concerned with why we hadn't become pregnant. The first red flag came at my annual OBGYN appointment when my doctor was alarmed that I was not pregnant. He referred us to the first of many infertility doctors. For the next several months we spent $800/month on infertility medications along with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). Mothers Day 2008, I awoke with the undeniable feeling that I was pregnant, and I was!  Our joy, however, was short lived when our pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We were of course devistated but had high hopes that by continuing the same course of treatments we would soon become pregnant again, our doctor agreed. Over the next several years we would do rounds of infertility treatments for several months at a time and when our hearts and wallet could no longer take the hit we decided to take a break. We were on this rollercoaster ride for about 3 years when our second infertility doctor gave us the option of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We decline moving forward with IVF at that time and took a much needed break from all doctors, medications and the pressure that hovered over us like a grey cloud.  Over the next 2 years as we decompressed our desire to become parents never diminished. Every month we hoped and prayed that this coming month would be the month that a miracle would occur, but it never did.  

In 2011 we finally took the plunge and whole heartedly embraced our first round of IVF. This decision was a $15,000 decision for medications, procedures, and anethesia. We were elated when we recieved the phone call from our infertility clinic congratulating us on our pregnancy! We were on cloud 9 going in to our first doctor's appointment. Hearing our child's heart beat was truly the most beautiful sound we had ever heard. During the appointment there was some cause for concern on the baby's growth rate so I was scheduled for a follow up appointment 5 days later. Hearing this concerning news could not burst our bubble. We were so confident that our baby would be okay. We were wrong.  Within 1 week that  beautiful sound of the beating heart was silenced and we found ourselves experiencing another loss. We began to wonder why this was happening to us, what had we done to deserve this? After wallowing in self pity for months we finally picked ourselves up and did a frozen cycle where we had 2 embroys transferred (another form of IVF) spending another $4,000.  The doctors restored our confidence that we would become pregnant and this journey would soon have a happy ending. There would be no such ending. A very early miscarraige would end this attempt at becoming parents once again.  

By now we have experienced 6 birthdays, 6 holiday seasons, 6 long years of wanting what seemed to come so easily to everyone else. Self pitty, anger, and frustration was a daily battle. We wanted a new perspective so we changed to a different infertility doctor.  We loved her immediatly! She was assertive and agressive, running new test and procedures. Although relucant, we found ourselves handing over another $15,000 for a third round of IVF.  We had no success whatsoever.

On the heals of this disappointment our doctor approached us with a clinical trial for women who have failed to carry a pregnancy to full term with no apparent medical reason. I was a perfect canidate. The trial started in June of 2014. We unspokenly went into this round of IVF knowing that this would most likely be our final attempt at becoming pregnant. We hit the lottery!  in July, I became pregnant for the fourth time!  With every doctor's appoitnment we were beaming with excitement but at the same time holding our breath. I was being monitored every few days so we had several opportunities to once again hear the beautiful sound of our child's heart beat.  We officially let our guard down when I carried the pregnancy further than any other pregnancy. But as fate would have it, the very appointment we walked in with no worries we would walk out crumbled into a million pieces. This would be our final loss, the most earth shattering and life changing loss.


Adoption became part of our vocabulary around our 6 year mark. However, we never felt it was 'the answer'. After 9 years of frustrating failures it became our 'only answer.' 

One morning about 6 weeks after our last miscarriage John said to me "Lets adopt! Lets not wait, Lets start tomorrow!" The very next morning I was on the phone with an adoption lawyer and by Thanksgiving of 2014 we were matched with birthparents! 

Now, If you've ever believed in fate then you will not be suprised to know that our adopted son's due date was the exact same due date as the last baby we lost.There was no denying this was OUR soon to be son.  Even though he was not in my belly growing, or created by our genes or even in the same state as we were, there was a definaite connection between us. We loved him before he was ever born. 

Major came into this world in February of 2015.The day our son was born there was a shift in our little universe. It was an ever so slight shift that only John and I felt, WE BECAME PARENTS! We were no longer the couple who didn't have children and often being ask "why not." Nor were we the couple who was going from one emotionally charged infertility treatment to another only to meet heartbreak at every corner. We became the parents we had desperatly wanted to be after nearly 9 years.Our hearts and souls were instantly healed. The 9 years of agony vanished. His healthy body, beautiful face and the smell that only a newborn has made us stare in amazement, loose sleep from excitement and cry because we were so very blessed. I literally felt like my heart would burst from the love I felt for him. 

Neither John nor I ever imagined our family would be created through the gift of adoption but every single moment of every single day we are so ever greatful it has! We love Major's birthparents and embrace the relationship we have with them. They are our angels here on earth!

Our life has been so enriched with adopting Major that we were compelled to start this non profit charity. We want all couples who have experienced failed inferitlity treatments and finacial loss to know they are not alone. There is help for couples to achieve their dream of creating a family when they reach the decision to adopt. 

The meaning, "Love Beyond Measure" is so powerful to us. Love beyond the color of your own skin, eyes or hair. Love beyond your families'  bloodlines and genetics. Adoption is beautiful!  Adoption is precious! Adoption is the most unselfish act any human being could ever give to another person. Adoption is lifechanging!

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